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Other Beverages


Black Teas:
Classic English, Earl Grey. Fireside,

Green Teas:
Green Passion, Jasmine

Herbal Teas:
Cranberry Hibiscus, Tuscan Garden, Ginger Snap

Hot Chocolate

Chocolate, steamed milk, topped with whip cream

Chai Tea Latte'

Spiced black tea sweetened with honey, blended with steamed milk


Cold Drinks

Iced Coffee

Our Home Roasted Coffee chilled & served over ice

Iced Latte'

Espresso and cold milk served over ice

Coffee Freezes

A frozen delight. Espresso blended with milk, ice and your choice of flavor, topped with whipped cream

Iced Chai

Chai Tea served with cold milk over ice

Iced Tea

Lipton or Tea of the Day


A large selection of regular and diet drinks

V8 Juice


Gatorade  or  Lemonade

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