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our bakery

Here at Ossorio Bakery and Café, we make 8 different croissants from scratch, preparing the dough and hand forming them in some of the oldest of French traditions.

The actual process that leads to finished croissants takes three days. The first day, we make the dough and let it “proof”, or rise slowly, overnight. On the second day, butter is added, and folded to provide the layers croissants are so famous for. The folding process is repeated 3 times, with a 30 minute rest between each “turn”. This delicate folding process allows for a total of 70 layers of butter in a piece of dough only 1/16th inch thick. Only on the third day is the dough ready to be fashioned into croissants, a process we do by hand. Although many shortcuts are available, we believe that this labor-intensive process provides the best possible experience for our guests. The only departure we take from tradition is our French made dough sheeter, that you can see next to the window of the kitchen. Without it, the task of preparing enough croissants to meet demand would be daunting.

The finished croissants take many different forms and require separate rolling techniques for each. From the square, open-faced style of the Bacon Egg & Cheese to the “pinwheel” style roll of our famous Cinnamon Rolls, each croissant has been hand crafted. For this reason, sizes and shapes may vary slightly....but the taste is always unmatched.

Also in keeping with French tradition, we make our French bread, or “baguettes” fresh daily. By preparing and forming the dough the day before baking, and allowing it to rise and crust overnight we achieve a more flavorful bread which is more suited to our salads, sandwiches (by request) and the “Daily Special”. The Daily Special is half of our hand made baguette topped with plum tomatoes, mozzarella and asiago cheeses and melted in our wood fired oven. It’s a great mid-day snack!

our cafe

With our café items, we take a completely different tradition and make it our own. When you visit us, you'll see our giant copper clad oven. This wood-fired oven gives a definite Mediterranean flair to our more substantial entrees. The only source of heat for this oven is a fire made of Live Oak wood, providing a challenge for our cooks and spectacular flavor for our customers. Our wood-fired oven varies in temperature with the qualities of the wood we receive and the amounts we use, providing between 550 and 800 degree deck temperatures. The difficulty of providing a consistent product from such an unpredictable heat source makes proper use of the oven almost an art, and unlike anything you'll find in the county! As with the rest of our items, the flat-bread we use for our pizzas and sandwiches is made here, fresh daily. Originally hand rolled, we have had to use a mechanical roller in recent years to keep up with a demand that can be up to 250 doughs at it's peak.

our coffee

Our specialty coffee drinks are made from our own blend of coffee beans. We chose three growing regions to made up our special blend and give a well balanced flavor that can be enjoyed any time of day. We receive our coffee beans green and roast them right on the premises. We have a two pound roaster that sits right on our counter so that you, the customer, can see the beans roasting as you place your order. We roast to a full-city roast for our drip coffee and a French roast for our espresso drinks. You can enjoy our home roast coffee here or take a pound with you and enjoy it at home!

our ice cream

At Ossorio, you can enjoy twenty flavors of made-from-scratch ice cream. We don't use any mixes, all our ice cream starts with half and half, heavy cream, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla. We use no artificial coloring or flavors in our products! Since we opened in 2003, we have been experimenting with new flavors and ice cream recipes. The result is some flavors you won't see anywhere else and some tried and true flavors that we have expanded on and made our own. For instance, we take the time to melt Hershey chocolate chips to make our chocolate ice cream then layer the ice cream with our homemade chocolate sauce resulting in an ice cream that has a wonderful, deep chocolate flavor.

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